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3 ways to pick your domain name.

How to pick your domain name
You’ve made that decision that your company wants a web site. So your next task is what to call it. It needs a domain name or url.
1) Use your company name. The simplest idea is to buy a domain name using your company name. This is great if you’re an existing established company. After all how will people know to look for your company, if they don’t already know it’s name? Of course that’s where SEO would come in, you’d arrange your site so it could be found using the keywords


2)What do you do? Describe a service that your site offers, using a keyword you would expect people to use to find you in Google for example. Window cleaning and select a domain name using the term somewhere within. This will give a bit of extra juice for search engine ranking for that term.
3)Place names, if you serve a specific area, a town, city, county, then it may be in your interest to chose a domain name with it in the name.
Of course, you’re not just limited to one domain name either. If you are entering into a field with a lot of competition you may want to approach it from several different ways.
You could buy as many domains as you need on for services, one for name, one for location and then use a domain re-direction point them to your site. However think about this before you do it, the more you buy the more links you’ll need to build for each name. Also do you want to be in competition with yourself? If you do buy extra domain names, then you will need to create 301 redirection to direct them to you site so that only one version of your site is visible to search engines, or you’ll end up with duplicate content which is another SEO NO-No.
So if this has given you some inspiration then check your short list of suggestions on www.123-reg.co.uk/domain-names and make sure that no-one else has your combination.
In the next post I want to look at the domain name endings and does it make a difference.
So how did you select your domain name? Leave me a comment and share.
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6 Responses to 3 ways to pick your domain name.

  • We work in the affiliate marketing field and certainly one of the best boosts we've found for search engine rankings is to use an exact keyword match domain name.

    We still have a domain for our trading name but for our bread and butter we have stuck with keyword domains.

    An example of one of our domain names would be http://www.tagine.co.uk which provides information and products about this common morroccan cooking pots.

    We've also had good results from our first non exact keyword match domain which was http://www.pianoshowroom.co.uk

    I think it's also worth noting how google ranks the different extensions. For a UK focused site in my experience I would aim for the following extensions in this order:


    Lots of .co.uk domain extensions have been taken by domainers so don't discount .org.uk extensions.

    We have got several sites ranking at the top of goolge for their keywords (caketins.org.uk) is one of our domains that should be sitting pretty at number 1 for the keywords cake tins!

  • Cheers Jon you've even written my next post for me about the domain endings lol.

    Yes keywords are really useful in the domain name to help boost ranking, but for people who do their own SEO or small businesses the more domain names you have directed at a site the more link building you need to do, for each. But defiantly useful for people who have several areas to their business. Thanks for commenting.

  • Sometimes, it is easy to choose a domain name but sometimes it is not‚Ķ

  • Hi Pippa,

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. This is sure to be of a great help especially for starters who are still planning of setting up a website for their company. Maybe doing a domain search for available domains that will suit you appropriately will also help.



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