5 Thing To Consider When Naming Your New Business

It’s January a New Year, New Year, maybe a New company?
So you’ve decided to launch a new company. A company name is likely to be the first thing a potential clients knows about you and what you offer, so picking just the right name is important, here are a few things to consider when choosing the name.

1) Make it memorable, you want you potential clients to remember your business name, for example the name Cuts for a hairdresser is pretty common but it”s you’d remember it quickly. However be careful with unusual or difficult spelling. If the client goes to find you in the phone book, or even Google your name, would they be able to still find you or would the spelling of your company make you too difficult to find.

2) A positive response when a client reads / hears the name of your company they’ll automatically try visualize something about the company, a company name that allows this for example pampered pets, would be more memorable than for example shizam. You need to find a name that gives the potential client a positive impression or feeling rather than a negative one. For example cosy toes gives a more positive impression than cold feet.

Make your business name something visual and positive.

3) Future Expansion, if you make earrings and call your self Red earrings, what happens in the future if you want to expand to other items of jewelry.

4) Domain name, Do a search on Google, check for other companies with the same or similar name? From an SEO point of view consider using a keyword that you will want your company to be found using Google, for example if you’re going to sell books, then you’ll want it somewhere in the company and domain name. Check if the domain name you would want is still available.

5) Sound it out and write it down some times when words are said or written down next to each other they create new words or sounds that will for Example Low hypnotherapy when written as a domain name lowhypnotherapy with the new word of why?

Ask the opinion of friends, and family. At the end of the day go with your gut feeling, if you like / don’t like it see where it takes you.

So what was your thinking when you chose the name of your business, why not leave me a comment and share? All the best with your new venture.

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