Web Design for Small Businesses

Pippas Web affordable but effective website design, for any small business.

Creating a website can seem like something other people do. But if you run a business, you want to be found by your potential clients and online is a lot more efficient way to do this than some other marketing techniques.   A website is a showcase of your business, that is open to your customers, 24hrs a day.  It can sell them the dream of owning what you sell, It can answer their questions, or your website can be an online brochure with images & styles of work you do to help them choose.

The websites I design are usually for small businesses, therapists or sole traders, basically, people like you that want to advertise their business, but are too busy running their own business or have little / no interest in learning how to set up a website.

Your website should be a reflection of your company, your approach and your personality. Whether you want your site to act as a brochure, to show the services you offer, or perhaps you want to sell a product online.

Whatever the size of your company, whether there’s just you selling from your home or you offer services worldwide, you will want to get your business in front of your potential clients. Your website may be the first thing your potential client sees, so make it count.

What Do You Need For A Website?

Website Hosting by Pippas Web

Hosting is the term for where all the files for your website are stored.

Domain names by Pippas Web

The domain name is your sites address, which is put into the browser to find the site.

Website Content

All the written text and images, about your business, to go on your site.

Don’t worry about rushing out to buy hosting or domain yourself.  I can arrange this for you.  In fact, if you take my web design packages the first year of hosting and domain is included in the price.

What Do You Want On Your Website?

Responsive website design by Pippas Web

Making your site look great on different sized screens

Ecommerce Website design for small business and start ups by Pippas Web

Create an online space to sell your products or services online

Add Newletter mailing list to your website

Get people to sign up to your mailing list, to keep customers upto date with your latest products, services or offers

Website Galleries showcasing your small business

Show customers examples of your work.

Blogs for websites

Adding a blog is a great way to add new content to your site, target new keywords and give people content to share out

Messenger Chatbots

A tool that uses Facebook Messenger to allow customers ask questions quickly and on the go.

You can be involved as much or as little in the design process as you feel comfortable with.  However, the more input and information that you can provide about your company the better the site can become.  After all, nobody knows your business better than you.

After You Contact Me

  • We’ll discuss your ideas, what you’re wanting the site to look like, to be able to do and the long term aim of the site etc.
  • We will discuss some other sites, what you do/don’t like about them.
  • We’ll discuss who will provide the relevant information for the site.
  • I’ll send over a quote and a brief based on our discussion.
  • I will do what I can to make your ideas a reality.

Websites can be created using many different platforms.  At Pippas Web, I mainly create sites using WordPress (a content management system). However most systems use similar ideas, so if you already have a site using another system or want one created on another platform then contact me to discuss.

Why you shouldn’t create your own website!

  • Appearance: You could use pre-created templates – where you just fill in your pics and text. But does this make you stand out in the crowd? 
  • Time: All websites take time.  You need to collect the content & the images.  It takes time to get it looking and functioning the way you want.  Time working on the website is time away from running your business.
  • Knowledge: There’s a font of knowledge out there on creating your own site in books, websites, and videos.  But it all takes time to read or watch the info, then to do it all – again is it the best use of your time.
  • Support: Depending on the system you use to create your site you may be able to get help from them or the hosting company – but free accounts rarely get support – which may mean hours of scouring Google/FAQ’s sections and messaging forums to find the solution.
  • Experience: Testing things out, knowing what works and doesn’t work. Got time to experiment? then web design is great for you.
  • Tools for the job: So you need hosting, domain and a website platform.  But you will also need image editing software to prepare images and graphics for the site, SEO software and much more.
  • Cost: While you can get free hosting, free domain etc. there’s usually a catch – for example having adverts for their company on your site. Yes, you can save the initial outlay but how much is it going to cost in terms of your time?