WordPress Website Design for Small Businesses

Your WordPress website design can attract new clients, allow you to sell products and be the hub of all your online information. Making your business easier for customers to find and to use. But putting a site together takes time and a bit of technical know-how. Often business owners like you are too busy running a business! Don’t worry, help is at hand.

Website design Packages from £399

A sample of website design for small businesses - Pippas Web

Why you need a website

If you run a business, you want to be found by your potential clients, and online is a lot more efficient way to do this than some other marketing techniques. A website is a window into your business that is open to your customers, 24hrs a day. 

Before a customer buys anything – most will check out a company online, their website and social media.

It can:

  • Answer their questions.
  • Sell products and services without you needing to be present. 
  • Act as a brochure to demonstrate your style, your services or your products. This means potential clients can see the range of work you do from the comfort of home.
  • Be accessible to your customers, even when you are asleep or busy with the family.
  • Represent your business and (most importantly) you.  After all, people buy from people.

Recent WordPress Website Designs

DB House Portraits
Employee Therapy
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The Fashion Expert - Fashion Startup Academy
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DB house portraits
Employee Therapy
Hope Therapy and Counselling Services
The Fashion Expert - Fashion Startup Academy
Spiritual Shack
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What do you need for your website?


Storage space for all the files and a database that makes the site work.

Domain Name

Your website’s address, that a user enters into the browser to find the site.


All the written text and images, about your business, go on your site.


Protect your site data and customer information.

Domain Names / Web Address

When you’re starting a new website, one of the first things you need to do is choose a domain name and sign up for web hosting. This can be a daunting task, as there are a lot of different factors to consider, such as the cost, the features, and the level of support.

I can help you with all aspects of domain names and web hosting. I can help you choose a domain name that is both memorable and relevant to your business. I can also help you find a web hosting provider that meets your needs and budget.

If you already have a website on another platform or hosting company, but you want to move it, I can help you with that as well. I can migrate your website to my hosting platform, and I can help you with any technical issues that may arise.

Here are some of the benefits of working with me for your domain names and web hosting needs:

  • I can help you choose the right solution for your needs. I will work with you to understand your requirements and recommend the best domain name and web hosting solution for your business.
  • I can provide you with excellent support. I am available to answer your questions and help you with any problems you may encounter.

If you are interested in working with me for your domain names and web hosting needs, please contact me today. I would be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the best solution for your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Features You May Want on Your WordPress Website?


Create an online space to sell your products or services online

Newsletter sign-up

Get people to sign up to your mailing list, to keep customers up to date with your latest products, services or offers


Show customers examples of your work.


A tool that uses Facebook Messenger to allow customers to ask questions quickly and on the go.


Adding a blog is a great way to add new content to your site, target new keywords and give people content to share out


Display your reviews and add a form so customers can submit them on site.


Videos can be engaging and easier for people who don’t want to read pages of text


Why not teach your clients? Add a course to your website

You can be involved as much or as little in the website design process as you feel comfortable with.  However, the more input and information that you can provide about you and your company, the better the website can become.  After all, nobody knows your business better than you.


Always goes the extra mile

Submit a review
I wanted to improve my SEO and speed on my jewellery/art website(www.helenkawhitedesign.com) and chose Pippa for this job. Mainly, because I have worked with her many times before and know she is very reliable and delivers. Last year she helped me with my tuition website (www.hkpress.co.uk) as I wanted to give the website a complete makeover and I was quite pleased with the result. To make things easier for both of us, I wrote down a list of things that needed to be done first and then we figured out what I could do myself and what she needed to help me with. In this process I have not only ended up with a website that has a new fresh look and is hopefully now user friendlier and findable, but I also have learnt a lot so I can do things myself while maintaining the site. Pippa always goes the extra mile and is very fast at responding to questions and offers suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of. What’s more she was very mindful of my budget too. I can highly recommend Pippa.
- Helen - Helenka White Design

what an absolute angel

WordPress Website Design for Small Businesses
After a trail of web designers and logo designers left me disappointed with the whole process, I was introduced to Pippa at Pippa’s Web. Oh my goodness what an absolute angel she is. A technical genius who has produced such a wonderful and professional looking website for my business. I cannot praise this wonderful lady enough. If you need a website to bring the magic to your business, Pippa really knows how. Nothing is too much trouble for her, and she explains everything really well. Genuinely really happy with the service and a very well deserved 5 stars. Posted on Facebook
- Karen - New Dawn Therapies

not afraid of a challenge and knows her stuf

Pippa is very generous with her time, not afraid of a challenge and knows her stuff.
- Helen - Helenka White Design

After You Contact Me

  • We’ll discuss your ideas for your website design, what you’re wanting the site to look like, to be able to do and the long term aim of the site etc.
  • We will discuss some other website designs, what you do/don’t like about them.
  • We’ll discuss who will provide the relevant information for the site.
  • I’ll send over a quote and a brief based on our discussion.
  • I will do what I can to make your ideas a reality.
  • Don’t be afraid to say if something needs to be changed – I want you to be happy with your site.

Websites can be created using many different platforms.  At Pippas Web, I mainly use WordPress (a content management system) for my website designs. However most systems use similar ideas, so if you already have a site using another system or want one created on another platform then contact me to discuss.

Why you shouldn’t create your own website!

  • Appearance: You could use pre-created templates – where you just fill in your pics and text. But does this make you stand out in the crowd? 
  • Time: All websites take time.  You need to collect the content & the images.  It takes time to get it looking and functioning the way you want.  Time working on the website is time away from running your business.
  • Knowledge: There’s a font of knowledge out there on creating your own site in books, websites, and videos.  But it all takes time to read or watch the info, then to do it all – again is it the best use of your time.
  • Support: Depending on the system you use to create your site you may be able to get help from them or the hosting company – but free accounts rarely get support – which may mean hours of scouring Google/FAQ’s sections and messaging forums to find the solution.
  • Experience: Testing things out, knowing what works and doesn’t work. Got time to experiment? then web design is great for you.
  • Tools for the job: So you need hosting, domain and a website platform.  But you will also need image editing software to prepare images and graphics for the site, SEO software and much more.
  • Cost: While you can get free hosting, free domain etc. there’s usually a catch – for example having adverts for their company on your site. Yes, you can save the initial outlay but how much is it going to cost in terms of your time?

    A web designer provides years of knowledge and expiernece which should be matched to your knowledge of your business to create the ideal website your business.

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