Local SEO (be found in your town)

Search Engine Optimisation helps you get found on Google.  Local SEO helps you be found within your service area.

Local SEO is not just about being found for the right keywords but also for the locations you cover.  Getting your site seen by people in your local area. Do you sell to customers across the UK  or do you cover a specific area?  The sites I work on are generally for small businesses or start-up companies, who offer a service to a local area, a town, a county, or a region. It’s important to tell Google about the areas you work in.  However, the good news is the amount of competition for a local area is a lot less than if you were competing UK wide.

Therefore local SEO is required and is generally slightly easier because of the number of competitors within that area is less compared with UK wide.
There are many SEO companies out there, who offer full SEO services. This service can run into hundreds of pounds per month. The cost should reflect the time it takes, for example, Hypnotherapist in Cumbria is easier to rank for than say Hypnotherapist.

One of the biggest parts of SEO is also the most time-consuming: Link Building. Google loves sites to have links to it from other sites. Link building is about finding the right sort of sites that will benefit your site, with a link to it. SEO should be an ongoing activity with your site, constantly getting more links, changing keywords if needed and adding content to your site etc.

I like to think of the SEO work as a partnership, after all, you know your business and your experience and knowledge will attract your customers and I can help you to do this.  Our SEO packages make getting your site seen in Google that little bit more affordable.