Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation helps you get found

When you have a website, it’s drummed into you that you want to be on the first page of Google.  The higher up the ranks you are, the higher the traffic greater the chance of someone clicking on your site.  You may have realised yourself that you only look on the first page or maybe two of the results.

But do you know:

What words you want to rank for.
How Google knows what words to rank your site for?
Do you know how to move up the search results?
Do you want some help?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a selection of techniques, which when applied to a website can:

  • Get your site listed in search engines like Google for words your potential clients are actually using (Keywords).
  • Higher ranking in results = more visitors = more potential clients with higher positions in the search engine results.
  • Can be Measured – To be able to see how your site is contributing to your business.

SEO is NOT an exact science

Nobody knows for sure exactly how Google does what it does, only Google employees know. Google and other search engines are secretive about how they rate sites, although they do publish guidelines for good practice, so SEO consultants can only use common sense and their personal experience about what seems to work at the time.
Google and other search engines use an algorithm which they are constantly working on to help the searcher get exactly the right page for what they’re looking for.  Therefore SEO is something that should be ongoing, doing little and often is usually the best way forward for sites serving a local area or region. It depends on how much competition there is for your choice of keywords and location as to how long it will take for you to get a higher ranking.

You should also be aware that Google personalise your results depending on your search history and your location. These can all affect your search results, so you might see your site in the top spot but your neighbour might not.

During the design process of your site, I include good practice, basic SEO techniques, which will help your chances of being found and ultimately improve your ranking in the results, but you will need to keep it up, or take out one of my SEO packages for some help to get you started. 

Search Engine Submission & Customer Tracking.

The big search engines for instance Google and Bing can take anything from a few hours up to several months to find your site and list it fully. There are two main ways the search engines will find your site. First is to submit your domain via submission buttons on the search engines – however, this route generally takes a lot longer for them to list your site.

Secondly a faster way to get your site noticed by Google and the other search engines is to links to your site from other sites, particularly on social sites like Facebook or Twitter.  These are good to get Google to notice a new site or page, but you will need other links to get you the higher rankings in the search results.

As part of a site creation, I will arrange for a few links to your site, as well as ensuring sitemaps are in place. Google also has a disliking for newly created domain names. Don’t take it personally, but it can take a while (about 6months) for your true ranking and positioning in Google to settle. So use this time to get quality links to your site.

Customer Analysis

Now, you’ve got all these clients coming to your site, you want to know, how many, how they found you, what they’re doing and if they’re doing what you want them to i.e. buying your goods or services.

I add can add Google Analytics and Google Search Console to your site if you want it, so you can and can talk you through the reports it produces, and what it means for you and your site.

Google Analytics Snapshot

Want to do it all yourself?

You can if you want, there’s countless resources blogs, ebooks etc. out on the web including Pippas Web blog or find me on Facebook for suggestions of SEO you can try yourself & the latest SEO news. Alternatively if you’d rather be doing what you do best, running your own business then Pippas Web can offer affordable SEO packages that suit both your site and your budget.