Google PR Dead or Not?

Last month I touched on something that was increasingly bothering me.  Why hadn’t Google updated the pr of the page that we see using our tools?



I’ve tried to bring it up several time in response to blog posts I’ve read but never really got a answer that worked for me.

This morning I found this post about Googles official standing on this issue.
The post was based on a discussion on the Google forums about the pr issue.  In amongst all the usual speculation a google employee John Mu piped up.  He confirmed

“The PageRank which we use internally is continuously updated, so even if you’re not seeing a PageRank in your Toolbar, rest assured that we’ll be treating your site accordingly regardless, and will crawl, index and rank your websites appropriately. “

and for those us wanting to see the updates reflected on the toolbar he had this to say.

“We do update the Toolbar PageRank regularly, even if that’s not as regularly as some of you wish. I agree that it would be nice to have it updated more frequently. Given the time since the last update, I imagine you’ll start seeing another one in the near future.”


So it would appear that PR is alive and well, and living with Google and at some point (hopefully) soon we’ll start receiving updates again onto tools like this one.

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