30 content ideas for your website.

30 content ideas for your website by Pippas Web

Content is king is a phrase used a lot when talking about websites and social media. Content put is simply is anything written on, or added to a website or social media post. Sometimes we need a little help to work out what other content we can add to our sites. So here are some ideas to get you started.

What software to use to create your online shop?

What software to use to create your online shop by Pippas Web

Generally speaking, I use Woo-commerce for the shops I create on WordPress. It’s a plugin, that can create the whole store and additional pages (like account, cart, etc. as part of the set up) and but this isn’t the only option for selling online. What software options are available to create your online shop? Check … Read more

Domain Service Notice – SCAM

This mornings scam offering in my inbox was a new one to me. A notifcation of “Domain name search engine registration” expiration. As you might imagine I have quite a few domain names under my control, so to find this email got me a bit confused. Basically it starts out making out the domain name … Read more

From Blank Page to Content – Where to Start?

Whether you are planning on creating your own website or hiring someone else to design your site at some point you’re going to have to start adding some content to your website, but where to start? I find it very difficult to write about someone else’s business without quizzing them thoroughly, at the end of … Read more