I know that small business owners have so much to do running their business. Most don’t have the time to spare to learn additional skills including how to make the most of their website, which is a shame because your site is an investment (in both time and money). And when it’s done right, it will attract the customers you’re looking for.

I would like to send you some helpful information that can be used either on a site created by me, another designer or by you.
Even if you haven’t yet got a website, but are hoping to have one in the future. Understanding a little about how design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work will help you to have a site that works harder for you.

Top 20 things your small business website needs

The Newsletter will include:

  • Tips on web design and SEO.
  • News or legislation changes that relate to websites and small businesses.
  • A summary of the month’s blogs – each month on my social media pages and in the Newsletter I will be focusing on different topic’s, for example, January was January sales/e-commerce.
  • Information about the services offered by Pippas Web, In case you want a hand with your website.

Free E-book

To give the members of my mailing list a head start, I have co-written an ebook called “Get your business seen online in 2021”.

As the name suggests, it’s full of useful tips for Facebook, Instagram and of course, your website to help you stand out and promote your business.

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