Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about my services, check out the questions below and if you still can’t find the info then please contact me

How long will it take?

How long is a piece of string?
Generally speaking a couple of weeks for a small 5-page site. But it does depend on you.
The quicker you provide the content or respond to my queries or confirm you’re happy with the work done, the faster I can complete your site.
I would aim to turn around a one-page site in a couple of days, but the larger the site, the longer it will take. I will try to work to your timelines wherever possible, or at least advise you what is feasible.

What do I need to get started?

1) Plan: consider what you want your site to do. Sell products, give info, show examples of work etc. and who you expect to use your site.

2) Content: I will need some content image/text for your site, the more information you can provide the more we can do on the site. I may suggest changes to the text to suit a web audience, or using pages In a specific way. If you can provide me with any leaflets or brochures about your company that will also help. You know your market better than me, so I prefer to make this a joint effort. Images: Do you have photos, images or logos for adding to the site? If you have your own logo and graphics, that’s fine; if not, I can help provide these for an additional fee.

3) Keywords: Think about what words people would use to find your business on Google. Using them on your site will help your site in the future – SEO (search engine optimisation)

Have you got all that ready? great then we’re ready to go so contact me now.

How do I pay for my website?

Once we have discussed and agreed on what your site will involve, I will send an invoice for the deposit (usually around 40% of the expected final bill) by email. Payment can be made through bank transfer, PayPal (this may incur an additional fee) or cheque.
Once the payment has cleared, I will begin working on your site.
I will send another email invoice on completion of the site for the remainder of the fee. Payment of which should be made within 14 days of it being sent, failure to do so, may result in the site being suspended.

Why are you called Pippas Web not Pippa’s Web?

I know that Pippas web should have an apostrophe, but as there isn’t one in the web address, I decided to leave it off my company name too.
If you have any questions, requests or comments, about this site or the services I offer, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

What are the ongoing charges for a website?

Hosting and domain are included in most web design packages for the first year.
After which you will need to pay:
Hosting – £60 a year (which can be paid as a one-off fee or £5 a month)
Domain name – Approx £18 for two years.

If you want additional work done on the site, after go-live, I generally charge £30 per hour.

What is Site maintenance and do I need it?

I offer to maintain websites, oversee the security/file updates of the site and monitor its uptime. These are all things you can do yourself with a little training or research.

So this package is an optional extra, NOT compulsory. Check out the maintenance page.

Would I be able to change the content on my website myself?

Most of my sites are created on WordPress software, all clients are given a login with complete admin access to their site and training on how to make changes, and add new pages, blog posts and pictures. No code editing is required, it’s a bit like editing in say Microsoft Word, but every part of the site goes into a box, for example, headings, paragraphs, images or forms.