From Spiderman to Spamming in One Blog

Back in 2002 in the first Spiderman film there was this quote

“With great power comes great responsibility”

I’m learning it can be like this with blogs.  You spend time and great efforts trying to get people to notice them, wanting people to read what you’ve written, make comments, you decide if you want to make your site dofollow to reward your commenter’s and what happens you get spammed.

Recently one particular post has been targeted, on here and I don’t see why.  What’s the point ?

OK yes the obvious answer is you’re trying to get a link to your site.  But as Google pays more respect to links that are from sites on a related topic, this link won’t really help.
Spam filter will stop obvious spam messages before it goes live.  A lot of bloggers moderate their blog (including me)  I do like having comments and if you are adding a link to your site I will more than likely check it out.  So if I find the site is inappropriate or offensive it goes straight to be deleted.

So how do you know you’re being spammed?

“Anonymous” – Who is leaving the message?  –  OK not everyone who leaves an anonymous message will be a spammer but most will want to sign their work, so anyone who doesn’t I am automatically wary of and check their messages.

“Links within the comment field” – most people are content to have a a link with or alongside their name. and sometimes demonstrate the point they’re making in the comment it might be worth adding a link within the comment, but I’ve had several messages where the whole message is just keywords and links, no message, no thought (Straight to spam box).

“Messages in foreign languages” – again not all posters who do this are trying to spam but, seeing a message you can’t read, to me sets of warning bells.  I translate message using online translators, to check for in appropriate or offensive language (I don’t use it and I don’t think it’s necessary).

A link on a blogs comment, to me is a reward or a thank you for leaving a comment, so stop trying to cheat the system, if you anybody or anybody working on your behalf uses these spamming tactics, consider the harm it could end up doing to your site.  Or at least the wasted efforts of tracking down the blog and then having your spam comment go straight into the spam box and deleted.  Play the game and play fair, or I might just set Spiderman onto you.


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