Who Are You Writing For?

As an avid fan if “The Apprentice” and watching the marketing tasks, where they have to work out their target audience. Is the product for the yummy mummy, or the business woman. But this still isn’t personal enough. The top marketing and advertising companies will create a full persona to describe who the are aiming their product and their campaign at.

Who you writing for?

For example a new range of babies bibs could be aimed at Phillipa Jaynes, she is a 24yr old, new Mum, living in London, she does yoga and baby yoga with baby Matt. They’d work out her daily routine, what she does, where she shops. Why ? So they know how to interact with her, how to get their products in front of her, but mostly so that the information about the product is promoted as a product that she will like.

What’s this got to do with me and my site?

Have you noticed how if you write a letter your writing style differs if you’re writing to someone you know, rather than some nameless, faceless person.

Whenever you write something, stop and think who are you writing it for. If it’s content for a site then, who do you want to be reading this, are you writing for the ‘head CEO of some company’ or are you writing for a ‘busy new Mum’.

When I write this blog, I write for my Mum. (ahhhh how sweet, I hear you sigh), well yes and no. So why my Mum? Simple she doesn’t know or understand jargon. If I don’t explain myself clearly she’ll only be on the phone or email saying I don’t understand this, so for the easier life, I focus on straight talking for everyone to understand.

By understanding who you are writing for you can:

  • Write using the appropriate level of terminology. For example, for beginners, if you use jargon you need to explain what it means. However if you’re writing about the design of a new car, or piece of machinery, you are likely to want to use jargon to demonstrate your knowledge.
  • Understand where to look for links : if your target person for the blog post or site is a yummy Mummy, into yoga, and babies, then this is where you need to start looking for links. Parenting sites, yoga sites, baby blogs, etc. These links will help direct your targeted traffic to you site or blog.

So who do you have in mind when you start writing? Why not share your thoughts on it.

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