From Blank Page to Content – Where to Start?

Whether you are planning on creating your own website or hiring someone else to design your site at some point you’re going to have to start adding some content to your website, but where to start?

I find it very difficult to write about someone else’s business without quizzing them thoroughly, at the end of the day, you know your business best so either writing your own content or providing lots of information on what you do can only help.

I was talking to a client yesterday who was going to go away and start working on his content, but didn’t know where to start, I said I’d try and send some suggestions through this is what I came up with, bare in mind it’s not exhaustive but just designed to get you to think about your business and your site and give you a place to start.

• Who are you aiming your service at businesses, individuals?

• Are you going to serve a specific area or a larger more general area UK / world wide?

• What is your unique selling point (what makes your service different to the competition)

• If you were looking for your business in Google what would you type in to find it? (These are called keywords)

• Do you know the address of any of your competitors, have you checked out their sites? What do you / don’t you like about them?

• What services do you provide?

• What contact details are you going to use.

• How do you want to be paid?

• Do you have any ideas of the kind of colour scheme you’d be looking for?

• Do you have any images that can be used or do you want to find some on one of the many image sites.

Here are some ideas for basic pages you might want to include.

Home – This page should give over view of what you do, direct people to other area of the site to find more detail

About us, – explain who is involved in the company, how you got started what skills you bring to it etc.

Services – what do you offer, do you want to add prices?,

Contact – includes your contact details, giving a physical address and phone number gives customers more confidence in you than leaving them out. Contact form do you need any specific information to be able to help them best? Or will standard name, email address and message do for initial contact.

I hope this gets you started.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

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