30 content ideas for your website.

Content is king is a phrase used a lot when talking about websites and social media. Content put is simply is anything written on, or added to a website or social media post. Some people prefer visual content others prefer written content.

Content marketing is intended for specific targeted audiences to drive traffic to your site, build relationships with potential new customers or to keep people on your site. Sometimes coming up with so much new content for our business can be hard.

When we start a new website we often focus mainly on our services – with written content and images. But there is a whole lot of content that you could add to your site, to add value and provide help to your potential customers. I’ve come up with 30 content ideas to get you started.


The pages you have on your site may vary depending on your business, but there are some key pages that you could add to share important content with your potential clients.

Service pages.
Every service you offer should be given its own page. This helps with SEO (search engine optimisation.) By having one or two main keywords or phrases per page means you can be very clear in telling Google about the page.

Landing pages.
A landing page is the first page someone sees of your site. It’s where they arrive or land from social media, search engines or other sites. Landing pages need to be clear and include the information the client will be after and a call to action to help steer the user through the site.

Link pages.
Links to other resources on the web, this can have its pros and cons. It can be a great resource but remember you are potentially sending people to “competitors sites”, so chose your links with care.

A FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page.
If you are asked the same question repeatedly or have some key points about your business, then create a FAQ page. Use a question and answer format. The idea is to pre-empt the questions people ask and answer them, reducing the users need to contact you, which in turn frees up your time to do other jobs.

A blog is a great way of adding new content onto your site. Write about what you know and use your own personality. You can include a lot of different content within different blog posts.
You can target additional keywords not used on the main site.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, it’s often easier to provide a picture of your service or product than trying to describe it.
Although remember not everyone sees the images, so written descriptions and use of alt tags are very important.

Infographics display content in an easy to understand visual way. They are typically long and thin in shape and are one of the most shared types of content.

Some people prefer video to written content.
But remember not everyone will watch with the sound on so subtitles or a transcript of the video is a good option to offer.
If your videos are going to be uploaded on Youtube and then embedded onto your site remember you’ll need to include it on your cookie policy as youtube adds its fair share of cookies.

Often shared on social media memes are usually a photo with a funny one-liner or topical joke.

Podcasts are audio files, a little like listening to a DJ on the radio (but without the music) an audio equivalent to a video, great for services that perhaps are less visual, for example, counselling where it’s more important what is said that how you look. A podcast is great to listen to on the move – travelling, at the gym???

A webinar is a video usually providing some “free information”, followed by a sale pitch to promote a service or course which expands on the information given.

Can be done on videos, podcasts or written with other people in your field or that offer other services your clients may be interested in.

Inspirational quotes relevant to your field can be used to inspire others through blog posts, social media posts or other content on your site.
Helping to build a connection between you and your customers.


Ask clients/customers to leave reviews, but also take comments from email or comments on social media posts. (If it was sent in a personal email then you may want to check their happy for you to post)

Product reviews.
Either of products you sell provided by your customers or you could review products that you use in your business – software, planners, cleaning products whatever your business you could find different ones to review, compare and rank.

Testimonial left by Elen Clulow Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

"Pippa Made what seemed a non-techies nightmare into a smooth and happy journey"

Book reviews.
Do you read books to develop your skills your knowledge about your business, you could always review the book, tell others what you think of them and how helpful they really are?

Case studies.
You’ve already asked for the client testimonials so what about telling client or customer story to discuss what you did for them and specifically the results you got for them.


There are two kinds of tools – the first are tools to help your customers get more from you or your business. Alternatively, there are the tools you can provide to help your customer do a job.

Having a forum on the site is great because others can actually “create” the content. But you may need to watch over what is posted and may take time to get started depending on your business and customer base.

Messenger or Chatbots.
This is a great tool that helps your customer get the info they want or need. There are lots of chatbots out there, some can be programmed to answer simple questions that people often ask. For example, if you’re a driving instructor I know a popular question is how much is a driving lesson. You can set up an automatic response to that question it will save you the time responding to everyone who messages you. Allowing you to focus on customers ready to sign up or those that have slightly more unique or specific questions.

Social media timelines/feeds.
You can post your timeline from different social media accounts on your site – to encourage people to sign up to follow you and to make it easy for them to see what you’ve been posting about all on the one site.

Adding a map is great content to help people find you or places of interest. Linking to an interactive map, for example, google maps means they can zoom in or out or ask for directions.
Just be aware you may also need to add/update your cookie banner with this option.

Competitions are great ways for new people to hear about you. There are strict rules on Facebook and Instagram about how you run them and what you can ask people to do. Some competitions I’ve seen involve getting people to find things on your website (for example hide an easter egg) great for getting people on your site but are they really taking in all your info or just scanning for the “freebie” prize.
Research competitions and the rules before you do this, you could use an app to help you.

Create a tool or app to help your customers.
If you’re decorator, what about a tool that calculates the amount of paint or paper someone would need to decorate their room. Some tools may even have been created for you that can be embedded on your site or added in the form of a plugin. There are sites out there that allow you to create your own app or you could get a developer to devise your own. It gives people a reason to come to your site and places you as an authority in your field.


Templates and checklists.
Providing templates and checklists to carry out jobs that will help your customers (use branding to keep your name in front of your potential client)

Can you create short how-to videos or documents that will help your customer with a problem they have to encourage them onto your site?

Templates and checklists.
Providing templates and checklists to carry out jobs that will help your customers (use branding to keep your name in front of them too) for example 10 things to pack for a weekend away.

Extend the individual how to’s into an EBook, to be used as a lead magnet following GDPR requirements of course those.

Like Ebooks but slightly more information and data-based typically aimed at B2B markets.

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Ultimate Guides.
These are long-form content or Epic blog posts (a bit like this one is turning into, but longer). Good for showing your knowledge – good for deepening relations with others but might put people off if this was a new follower?

Research and data.
Talk about your business based research and experiments, have you found something that works that could help your customers share with them and the results you got. Even your “fails” might inspire or help someone else.

Company News or news from your field of expertise.
Tell others about what’s going on with your company or in the field that you work. Be a source of new information for them.

In conclusion

So you can see there are lots you can add to your site the trick is finding the format that works for you, your business and your customers. You don’t have to do it all or even all at once. Your site is a long term project, adding new content will keep Google happy as well as your potential clients.

The good news is Pippas Web can help with pretty much all of the 30 content ideas above. Whether it’s just to bounce ideas off or technical help to produce any of the above. So feel free to message me to discuss just how I can help you.

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"How to get your business seen on line" free e-book by Pippas Web

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