6 Ways to Repurpose Your Blogs

In a time when small business owners rely on social media so much for our businesses, coming up with new content all the time for all your accounts and your website can be stressful. But there is some good news all this content can be reused in numerous ways called repurposing. If you repurpose your blogs it creates new content in new formats that can appeal to wider audiences.

 Why should we repurpose?

 All this content we create is great, but not everyone will see it, or maybe even wants to see it, in its present form. Social media platforms only ever let a small percentage of your “fans” see your post unless you’re paying lots of money to advertise it to everyone on your lists. Even then there’s no guarantee your follower will take the time to read it. Also, not everyone likes information in the same format; some might prefer blogs or articles, others something more visual like an infographic, video or perhaps even a podcast. 

How to repurpose your blogs

 Turn blogs posts into:

  • How-to guides or freebies – which can be offered as resources on your site, given to your mailing list, or even to direct traffic to your website from a site like Pinterest.
  • Social media posts – Break down the key points from your blog, into posts for Facebook or your platform of choice.
  • Visual Content (images, infographics, even videos) that you create for the blog and can all be posted on Pinterest.
  • Newsletter – if you’ve got a mailing list include tips from your blogs in your newsletter.
  • Video – You can create a video based on the main points of your blog. Have you tried lumen5.com? You can upload a script and it will create it into a video (you can change the images it selects for you) also you can select background music from their selection of stock music. 
  • Podcast – lot’s of people haven’t got the time to sit and watch a video, but by creating a podcast of your blog, they can listen to this while on the go; on the train, in the car or down the gym.

In conclusion

You’ve taken the time and effort to create all this content, so make the most of it. Repurpose your blog to get more people to be able to see your message and to connect you with more of your potential customers. It’s time for you to work smarter for your business.

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