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WordPress Site Maintenance

WordPress sites are great with lots of additional functionality which can be added to make your site work the way you want.  But once your site is live you want to keep it working smoothly.    The site is your responsiblity, but if you’re interested, the task of site maintaince can be passed over to me at Pippas Web.

So what is covered:

  • Update files.
    • WordPress and other developers often update their files – This might be to fix security problems, bugs in their code, incompatibilities and new functions etc.  These updates could occur once a month or it can be every other day when big updates are released.
  • Uptime monitoring
    • If your site is down how can your customers find you?  Pippas Web will recieve notifcations when your site is down and investigate the cause, in order to keep the downtime to a minimum.
  • Monitoring Security
    • All our sites have site security installed which notifies when files need to be updated, users  (attempt to) login, or files are changed or uploaded to the site.  This helps keeps site secure. Pippas Web will receive notifications and deal with accordingly.
  • Site Performance

    • Check the site is running smoothly and optimised for speed.
  • Broken link
    • Too many broken links on  a site may contribute to your site being marked down in Google.


As with all my services you could do it yourself with a little bit of interest / time on your part – This is a totally optional service for my WordPress Clients.

You may want to use Pippas Web to maintain your site, if:

  • You don’t trust yourself  with technology.
  • You’re too busy
  • You don’t know, what to do if there’s a problem.
  • You’re just not interested in how the site works, just getting customers for your business

Basic WordPress Site Maintaince Services

This basic package includes:


WordPress Updates

Uptime Monitoring

Monitoring and response to site security

Site performance Scan - check speed

Check site for broken links



per month

Core, theme & plugins

I will receive notifcations of downtime and investigate accordingly

Site security will notify of problems on the site for investigation / action.

Once a month

Once a month


If you would like a personalised package including additonal site updates, or other services then contact me











We are delighted with the website that Pippa has designed or use. Its an easy to use, informative and eye catching website.

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