Expert Responsive Website Design Services

What is a Responsive Website Design?

Ever-increasing numbers of people access the Internet via a wide range of devices. Historically everyone used a desktop with a monitor and the biggest problem a web designer had was would the monitor be standard or a larger screen, but with so many smartphones, iPhones, Ipads, tablets etc. on the market now, the size of the screen and even the orientation of the screen, can vary greatly. Responsive Website Design is making your site look great, for all sizes of screens.

Responsive Web design

The problem is that the early mobile sites used to shrink a full-size webpage down into the size of the old mobile phone screen which made reading sites almost impossible. But a responsive design is all about making your site change to suit the size and layout of your website to make it more accessible and readable for users regardless of which device they use.

 Have you looked at your website using a different device than the one you normally use? How does it look?  

The sites created at Pippas Web are all responsive and optimised for mobile users. Mobile First is a term coined because Google is not looking at how your site performs for mobile devices as a key part of the algorithm for ranking your site.

 Not sure if your site is mobile friendly- then try this tool from Google mobile site test or responsive site test to confirm if your site is mobile responsive.

If you need help setting up or improving the mobile version of your website, then contact me and let me tell you how Pippas Web can help your business.