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E-commerce Sites – Selling your products online.

Do you have something to sell?  Do you want to make it easy for potential customers to buy your product?  Then you need an online shop!

There are many options for creating your online shop, however I tend to work with two in particular.
Zen cart and Moonfruit.

Zen Cart Moonfruit Html5 or Flash
Manual product upload option available  option available
Spreadsheet Product upload. Good for large amounts of products  option available
Offer discounts, vouchers etc.  option available  option available
Paypal payments  option available  option available
Other payment options  option available
Requires hosting with database access  option available
Mobile version incorporated in the design  option available
Depends on the template theme used. It may affect how it’s seen on mobiles
 option available
Facebook shop allowing customers to buy direct from within Facebook option available
Available but at an additional cost.
option available
Included in the price of the initial site

Online shops can be created using different software. Depending on how much stock, the amount of stock control you will need,  how often you will want to update the site, may impact your decision, so contact me to discuss your options.

If you want to use a specific site or software to create your shop then this can also be accommodated or I will offer suggestions to you for the best options to meet your requirements.


Payment Options

If you are going to sell online you need to be able to receive payments. A common one I work with is through PayPal. PayPal allows customers to make payments via their credit and debit cards, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.  If you want to use an alternative option, we may need to make changes to your site, so please let me know during the design discussions.

However, to receive the payment, you will need to sign up for an account, but this is very easy and I can help you do this.

Every shop will be different, depending on the amount of products and the number of additional content pages you require, so please contact me to discuss your needs and for a free a quotation.