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SEO Packages

SEO Packages

Site review / boost – for existing sites – £250 (one off fee)

(This service is to help raise your ranking and your local profile, ideal for new site or existing ones that are already fully indexed. If no previous SEO work has been done on the site I would advise this package be taken before signing up to the monthly Alpha Package)


  • Basic review of the competitions & keyword analysis, to establish the best keywords for your site.
  • Focusing on 3 keywords plus local areas.
  • Setting metatag details, title, keywords, description up to 5 pages. Additional pages can be negotiated.
  • Making changes to page titles, alt tags based on keywords, content re-writing to suit keywords – this is for existing content only – new content / pages charged extra.
  • Link building –
    • 10 General SEO Directory submissions.
    • 10 links, a mix of local directories, subject relevant ones and commenting on dofollow blogs etc.
  • 1x Article written and submitted on a topic around your companies services (including social bookmarking, when published)
  • Mentions on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set up Google analytics, google webmaster tools, sitemap submission, google business page listing
  • A report suggesting changes to content and additional content or page that could be done in addition
  • A list of places for you to sign up yourself rather than me, for example relevant forums where you can add signatures,
    in return for participation in discussions / postings etc. I find that this is more beneficial for you to sign up to rather than me,
    as you are the experts in your field, and can bring more to the discussions than I can.

Monthly Package

The above package is a one off event, carried out on it’s own or prior to starting a monthly on-going package.
The boost is usually a good way to get a site listed or give it a little kick start. However SEO should be ongoing, in order to keep up with the competition. Also Google is suspicious of large amounts of links to a site being created in a short time, so little and often is often the way forward.

With this in mind I also offer a monthly package. This monthly package work best in conjunction with the boost package before
to optimise the site itself, if no work has been done previously.


Alpha – £60 per month (minimum of 3 months)

This package is budget level for improving ranks or maintaining position. All payment is based on work done and not results.
Each month includes:


  • Focusing on up to 3 main keywords in up to three locations
  • Reporting of monthly position in Google, Yahoo and Bing, for agreed keywords and locations combinations
  • Review of Google Analytics / Web master tools for any problem areas, or areas to work on.
  • Mentions on Facebook and Twitter from Pippas Web account
  • Link building –
    • 10 General SEO Directory submissions.
    • 10 links, a mix of local directories, subject relevant ones and commenting on dofollow blogs etc.
  • 1x Article or blog post (per month) written and submitted or article site or on your own blog, on your companies
  • Email support for any work you wish to do yourself.

You may have your own suggestion or want a schedule drawn up different to those above, please contact me to discuss your sites own requirements. contact Pippas WebIf you need a new website then you may want to look at our Gold and Platinum Web design packages which include a custom built website, with hosting and domain name and includes 3 months SEO package.