From Spiderman to Spamming in One Blog

Back in 2002 in the first Spiderman film there was this quote “With great power comes great responsibility” I’m learning it can be like this with blogs.  You spend time and great efforts trying to get people to notice them, wanting people to read what you’ve written, make comments, you decide if you want to make … Read more

From Blank Page to Content – Where to Start?

Whether you are planning on creating your own website or hiring someone else to design your site at some point you’re going to have to start adding some content to your website, but where to start? I find it very difficult to write about someone else’s business without quizzing them thoroughly, at the end of … Read more

I Just Want A Basic Website

What does a basic website involve? So you’ve decided you want a website, a “basic Website” but what does that mean? To me a basic web design includes the following Home page – This sets the scene for the whole website, it should explain what the site is about, briefly  the services you provide.  The … Read more

Google PR Dead or Not?

Last month I touched on something that was increasingly bothering me.  Why hadn’t Google updated the pr of the page that we see using our tools?     I’ve tried to bring it up several time in response to blog posts I’ve read but never really got a answer that worked for me. This morning I … Read more

Link building and Page Rank

When creating links to your sites, it’s generally accepted that you want to be looking for site relevance and the higher the pages Google page rank the more influence it has. However Google must be working on a new plan, and it’s still anyones guess what it’ll involve. Normally Google update sites page ranks approx … Read more