How to Tell Google About Your New Site?

How to tell Google about your new website by Pippas Web

UPDATED for 2019 – The post below was first written in 2011, some things haven’t changed in that time for example Google is still Mega important and you want to make sure your site is indexed on there as soon as possible.  Back then it could take up to 6 months for a new site … Read more

Domain Service Notice – SCAM

This mornings scam offering in my inbox was a new one to me. A notifcation of “Domain name search engine registration” expiration. As you might imagine I have quite a few domain names under my control, so to find this email got me a bit confused. Basically it starts out making out the domain name … Read more

Have You Got The X-Factor

Have you been following stories about Cheryl Cole being sacked from the US X factor. Well to be honest I don’t know all the ins and outs but having read some of the articles on and there are several reasons being bandied around as to why she was sacked, 1) The Americans couldn’t understand … Read more

Who Are You Writing For?

As an avid fan if “The Apprentice” and watching the marketing tasks, where they have to work out their target audience. Is the product for the yummy mummy, or the business woman. But this still isn’t personal enough. The top marketing and advertising companies will create a full persona to describe who the are aiming … Read more