How do you solve a problem like Maria? Problem solving blogs

How do you solve a problem like Maria. Problem solving blogs - by Pippas Web

Ok, I think I’ve watched one too many musicals – sorry if you’ve now got the Sound of Music song going through your mind now (and maybe the rest of the day).  But did you know that you can use the idea of problem-solving blogs to assist other people’s problem and it can even help … Read more

How to Tell Google About Your New Site?

How to tell Google about your new website by Pippas Web

UPDATED for 2019 – The post below was first written in 2011, some things haven’t changed in that time for example Google is still Mega important and you want to make sure your site is indexed on there as soon as possible.  Back then it could take up to 6 months for a new site … Read more

Google PR Dead or Not?

Last month I touched on something that was increasingly bothering me.  Why hadn’t Google updated the pr of the page that we see using our tools?     I’ve tried to bring it up several time in response to blog posts I’ve read but never really got a answer that worked for me. This morning I … Read more

Link building and Page Rank

When creating links to your sites, it’s generally accepted that you want to be looking for site relevance and the higher the pages Google page rank the more influence it has. However Google must be working on a new plan, and it’s still anyones guess what it’ll involve. Normally Google update sites page ranks approx … Read more