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4 Things We Can Learn From A Four Year Old.

4 Things We Can Learn From A Four Year Old.

I’m playing Peter Pan. Do you want to be Jane like me?

Ok for those of you not clued into Disney, Jane is Wendy Darling’s daughter in Return to Never Land.
This was how my four year old daughter greeted her friend this very cold morning, while we waited for the teachers to open the doors and the school day to begin. This was the start of her day, how did you start yours?
The school run this morning got me thinking. They say a childs’ play is their work and sitting there watching my four year old playing with her friends, made me think about what I could learn from her and how it could that be used in business.

1) My daughter seems to make friends wherever she goes. She will confidently talk to others in the playground and ask if they want to play or if she can join in with them.

Lesson: Everyone is a potential friend, business partner or customer. Always have your business card or contact details with you, after all you never know when an opportunity will present itself. Ok not everyone you speak to is going to buy from you, but maybe they have a friend looking for your product or service. However don’t bore people with the details if they’re interested in what you do then great, if not as long they are aware they can spread the word.

Action: Carry business cards on you, tell your friends what you do, and link to your business page from your personal account. Make it easy for people to find out what you do, if they want to.

2) Rather than telling her friend to be someone else in the game she asked if she wanted the same character, giving them both a chance to be in the lime light. There’s always room for someone doing the same thing as you. It’s what you do, that makes the difference.

Lesson: There is likely to be competition in whatever field you are in. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means that that the quality of your work, the service you give needs to be better. You need to work out your person USP (Unique Selling point). Use your USP to give yourself the edge.

Action:If you don’t already know what your USP is then, spend time today working it out. Make sure you tell others about it, is it on your website, your facebook page, if your proud of your USP let others know about it.

3) So I was told on the way to school that Peter Pan was with us, my daughter knew she was going to play with him whatever, even though “he’s just pretend and not really there” .

Lesson: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you can’t play or work with it. Think about your blog or facebook page, you chat to people on there, most of which you’ll never meet, or speak to in person. When you are considering how to sell your product, service or goods you need to think who needs it. Working up a profile of your customer will help you create picture in your mind of who they are, I use this picture when I write to set the level of who I am writing to.

Action: Create your own customer profile, how old, where do they live, where do they hang out? The more info you can add the more ideas about places to advertise, services to offer etc you can get to provide your customers with what they want, where they want it.

4) When your 4 you can fly, swim, be a princess and a mermaid all before school. I don’t know about you but I think we could all do with a little magic in our lives.

Lesson: day to day life can have its highs and lows, imagine how much better your day and your customers day would be if you shared a little bit of magic. Do you do something that others don’t want to, or can’t do for themselves? Then just by doing what you do best, you will be helping others think of this a magic. I create websites, people tell me I just wouldn’t know how. Ok so I learnt how but to others it’s still magic. See the magic and make your day a little brighter.
Action: find your magic, spend time with your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, or even just spend a few mins acting the kid yourself, enjoy and have fun. Bring that feeling into your work. As Mary Poppins says, “find the fun and snap the jobs a game”.
So these were my thoughts, now to put them into action. Next time you’re watching a child playing, spend a few minutes thinking, what can they teach me?

From Blank Page to Content – Where to Start?

Whether you are planning on creating your own website or hiring someone else to design your site at some point you’re going to have to start adding some content to your website, but where to start?

I find it very difficult to write about someone else’s business without quizzing them thoroughly, at the end of the day, you know your business best so either writing your own content or providing lots of information on what you do can only help.

I was talking to a client yesterday who was going to go away and start working on his content, but didn’t know where to start, I said I’d try and send some suggestions through this is what I came up with, bare in mind it’s not exhaustive but just designed to get you to think about your business and your site and give you a place to start.

• Who are you aiming your service at businesses, individuals?

• Are you going to serve a specific area or a larger more general area UK / world wide?

• What is your unique selling point (what makes your service different to the competition)

• If you were looking for your business in Google what would you type in to find it? (These are called keywords)

• Do you know the address of any of your competitors, have you checked out their sites? What do you / don’t you like about them?

• What services do you provide?

• What contact details are you going to use.

• How do you want to be paid?

• Do you have any ideas of the kind of colour scheme you’d be looking for?

• Do you have any images that can be used or do you want to find some on one of the many image sites.

Here are some ideas for basic pages you might want to include.

Home – This page should give over view of what you do, direct people to other area of the site to find more detail

About us, – explain who is involved in the company, how you got started what skills you bring to it etc.

Services – what do you offer, do you want to add prices?,

Contact – includes your contact details, giving a physical address and phone number gives customers more confidence in you than leaving them out. Contact form do you need any specific information to be able to help them best? Or will standard name, email address and message do for initial contact.

I hope this gets you started.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

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How to End Your Domain Name And does It Matter?

So you’ve picked your company name, decided on your domain name, and gone to buy your domain name, through a company like 123-reg or godaddy. Then you realise you’ve got lots of options to choose from. All domain names end with a (dot)and a series of letter i.e. .com, .co.uk or .biz.

Domain name endings.
In 1985 the domain name system was started with just 7 original endings, .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .net. org and .arpa. Now there are many more with new ones regualrly being added to cope with rapidly expanding Internet.
But what do the different letter combinations mean.

.com Commercial is by the the most common option although is traditionally for American based businesses.

.co.uk this is the UK’s own commercial

.edu for education sites

.gov for governmental sites

.mil military.

.net networks

.org organisations

.me personal sites

.tv was originally the extension for Tuvalu but now can be used for entertainment and fansite.

.co the Columbian code is .co but now .co can be used by anyone,

.info information websites

.biz an alternative ending for businesses.

Each country also has it’s own letters which can be offered by providers, added to a number of the above, i.e. .co.uk, org.uk or uk.net

So which one should you choose?

From an SEO point of view it really makes no difference. It’s your on page optimisation and back links that really make or break a site.

However that said in the UK, there is an expectation that UK based companies will use .co.uk domain name.

Do you need to buy all the domain variations?

Well buying them all will stop anyone else using that name, but will also set you back a lot of money. Personally I would advise if you’re UK based and serve the UK stick with a .co.uk if you’re a global company, you might want to go for .com However if someone the other end of the country to you has the .co.uk version of your preferred domain but the .biz or .net or even .me version is still available there is nothing to stop you choosing that.

So if you have your own domain, what extension / ending did you go with, and what made you choose that?

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5 thing to consider when naming your new business

It’s January a New Year, New Year, maybe a New company?
So you’ve decided to launch a new company. A company name is likely to be the first thing a potential clients knows about you and what you offer, so picking just the right name is important, here are a few things to consider when choosing the name.

1) Make it memorable, you want you potential clients to remember your business name, for example the name Cuts for a hairdresser is pretty common but it”s you’d remember it quickly. However be careful with unusual or difficult spelling. If the client goes to find you in the phone book, or even Google your name, would they be able to still find you or would the spelling of your company make you too difficult to find.

2) A positive response when a client reads / hears the name of your company they’ll automatically try visualize something about the company, a company name that allows this for example pampered pets, would be more memorable than for example shizam. You need to find a name that gives the potential client a positive impression or feeling rather than a negative one. For example cosy toes gives a more positive impression than cold feet.

chose a name the conjures up a positive impression of your business
Make your business name something visual and positive.

3) Future Expansion, if you make earrings and call your self Red earrings, what happens in the future if you want to expand to other items of jewelry.

4) Domain name, Do a search on Google, check for other companies with the same or similar name? From an SEO point of view consider using a keyword that you will want your company to be found using Google, for example if you’re going to sell books, then you’ll want it somewhere in the company and domain name. Check if the domain name you would want is still available.

5) Sound it out and write it down some times when words are said or written down next to each other they create new words or sounds that will for Example Low hypnotherapy when written as a domain name lowhypnotherapy with the new word of why?

Ask the opinion of friends, and family. At the end of the day go with your gut feeling, if you like / don’t like it see where it takes you.

So what was your thinking when you chose the name of your business, why not leave me a comment and share? All the best with your new venture.

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