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4 Things We Can Learn From A Four Year Old.

4 Things We Can Learn From A Four Year Old.

I’m playing Peter Pan. Do you want to be Jane like me?

Ok for those of you not clued into Disney, Jane is Wendy Darling’s daughter in Return to Never Land.
This was how my four year old daughter greeted her friend this very cold morning, while we waited for the teachers to open the doors and the school day to begin. This was the start of her day, how did you start yours?
The school run this morning got me thinking. They say a childs’ play is their work and sitting there watching my four year old playing with her friends, made me think about what I could learn from her and how it could that be used in business.

1) My daughter seems to make friends wherever she goes. She will confidently talk to others in the playground and ask if they want to play or if she can join in with them.

Lesson: Everyone is a potential friend, business partner or customer. Always have your business card or contact details with you, after all you never know when an opportunity will present itself. Ok not everyone you speak to is going to buy from you, but maybe they have a friend looking for your product or service. However don’t bore people with the details if they’re interested in what you do then great, if not as long they are aware they can spread the word.

Action: Carry business cards on you, tell your friends what you do, and link to your business page from your personal account. Make it easy for people to find out what you do, if they want to.

2) Rather than telling her friend to be someone else in the game she asked if she wanted the same character, giving them both a chance to be in the lime light. There’s always room for someone doing the same thing as you. It’s what you do, that makes the difference.

Lesson: There is likely to be competition in whatever field you are in. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means that that the quality of your work, the service you give needs to be better. You need to work out your person USP (Unique Selling point). Use your USP to give yourself the edge.

Action:If you don’t already know what your USP is then, spend time today working it out. Make sure you tell others about it, is it on your website, your facebook page, if your proud of your USP let others know about it.

3) So I was told on the way to school that Peter Pan was with us, my daughter knew she was going to play with him whatever, even though “he’s just pretend and not really there” .

Lesson: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you can’t play or work with it. Think about your blog or facebook page, you chat to people on there, most of which you’ll never meet, or speak to in person. When you are considering how to sell your product, service or goods you need to think who needs it. Working up a profile of your customer will help you create picture in your mind of who they are, I use this picture when I write to set the level of who I am writing to.

Action: Create your own customer profile, how old, where do they live, where do they hang out? The more info you can add the more ideas about places to advertise, services to offer etc you can get to provide your customers with what they want, where they want it.

4) When your 4 you can fly, swim, be a princess and a mermaid all before school. I don’t know about you but I think we could all do with a little magic in our lives.

Lesson: day to day life can have its highs and lows, imagine how much better your day and your customers day would be if you shared a little bit of magic. Do you do something that others don’t want to, or can’t do for themselves? Then just by doing what you do best, you will be helping others think of this a magic. I create websites, people tell me I just wouldn’t know how. Ok so I learnt how but to others it’s still magic. See the magic and make your day a little brighter.
Action: find your magic, spend time with your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, or even just spend a few mins acting the kid yourself, enjoy and have fun. Bring that feeling into your work. As Mary Poppins says, “find the fun and snap the jobs a game”.
So these were my thoughts, now to put them into action. Next time you’re watching a child playing, spend a few minutes thinking, what can they teach me?

Using Social Media To Get Better Customer Service

Getting better customer service

In the past if you wanted to contact a company with an idea or an problem, you rang then up or even wrote them a letter. For example did you see the story about the girl who had the idea to change Sainsbury’s Tiger bread to Giraffe bread. Usually a letter will only be seen by a handful of people and with luck will eventually get to someone that will deal with it.

Now with email and the Internet we expect a much faster effective responses. But what happens if you have a problem with a company, they’re ignoring you, not responding to support tickets or your email? Have you thought about using social networks to your advantage?

Recently I had some problems with several domain names and their renewal. I followed the online system and sent off the ticket. I got a response quickly, saying if I responded within 7 days they could arrange the refund. I spoke to my client and replied to the ticket, (the ticket had to be re-opened because it had automatically been closed by the companies system. Two days later I still hadn’t heard back from them. I wrote another update on the re-opened ticket – still playing by the book. But when I still hadn’t heard by the next day I was starting to get really concerned.

This particular company doesn’t have an online chat option to chat in person, but they did have a facebook business page. As I already “liked” them on Facebook I thought I’d do something I’ve seen others do but I hadn’t tried out myself. I knew that someone from the company regularly responded to posts on the their business page ( a very important thing for any page admin to do). So I wrote a polite comment asking could someone please chase this ticket as I needed it sorting urgently. Within a few minutes the problem relating to the ticket was resolved. Ace! job done. However the next day their system then started acting up and not only recreated the original issue but did it twice! So it was time to raise yet more support tickets. After a day or more I had yet again received no response. So I took it back to the the Facebook fanpage.

So why does this work. No company wants to wash it’s dirty washing in public, pages of comments on pages of Facebook or Twitter of problems with a company, a piece of software etc. give a bad impression. But if they can be seen to be responding to these problems it does at least improve the perception of a company. Now I’m NOT proposing that you need to do this for every little problem, I guess the support team would be a little put out if you did. But if you’re not getting a response or you keep getting blanked, you may find that approaching via Facebook or Twitter may be worth a try.

I know people who have complained about bad service by tagging the restaurant chain in a post, who then got vouchers back.

If this doesn’t work (it may vary on the company and how well they respond to social network queries) then Google the company, if you have had a problem then chances are someone else will have had. Join any groups, blogs, forums. If one voice isn’t being heard the voice of many will be harder to ignore.

If you have any questions or want some advice then why not contact me on Pippas Web.

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Happy Customer – Pink Personal Training

Let me introduce you to Pink Personal training run by Yvonne Grayson.

Pink Personal Training operates around the Hampshire / Surrey borders. 1-2-1 personal training, pilates classes and a Fitness Boot Camp are all on offer to get the people of Headley, Grayshott, Bordon and beyond up and on their feet.
Pippas Web was brought in originally to get this new site onto Google.  Then together we have been making changes to the site and Pippas Web is now working on some SEO to help with its rankings.

This is what Yvonne has to say.

“Thank you so much Pippas Web – you saved my life! Pippas Web helped me with SEO – AND tweaked my website into something I can now be proud of.

Efficient, friendly, and sympathetic to untechnical sorts like me. An affordable service for small businesses just starting up.

Pippas Webb – Pink Personal Training will be back – so look forward to doing business again”.


Pink Personal Trainer in Hampshire


Customer: Yvonne- Pink Personal Training.

Service: SEO and site review.

Site: http://www.pinkpersonaltraining.co.uk/

Pippas Web website design for start up companies and small business, check us out.



Happy Customer – Bright Eyes Pet sitting

Let me introduce you to Bright Eyes Pet Sitting run by Sue & Joan.

Bright Eyes Pet sitting offers pet sitting and dog walking services between Bromsgrove & Hagley . Caring for a range of animals including, horses, cat, dogs and small animals. Pippas Web designed their website earlier this year, when they launched their new company.

This is what Sue has to say.

“We are delighted with the website that Pippa has designed or use. Its an easy to use, informative and eye catching website. In fact the various links and wording that Pippa incorporated gave use our first customers within week one of going live. The customer base has grown month on month since the creation of the website. We want our website to evolve as time goes on and this is being left in Pippa’s very capable hands.”

On Google – Nov 2010 Bright eyes currently occupies 2nd, 7th and 9th position for “pet sitting bromsgrove” from over 4000 sites.

Bright Eyes Pet Sitting screen shot

Customer: Sue & Joan – Bright Eyes Pet Sitting.
Service: Original site design and some inital SEO.
Site: http://www.brighteyespetsitting.co.uk

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Happy Customer – OvenMagic

Having relocated in the summer I needed to change my sites SEO to Stafford
as part of this on going project in betwen client work I have also been asking for some reviews from some of my clients on Google places to let others know what my clients think of me. I am pleased to say that several responded so I would like to share them on my blog over the next few posts.

Let me introduce you to OvenMagic run by Kevin Kemp.

OvenMagic is an oven cleaning company based Droitwich, Worcestershire.
Cleaning residential and commercial oven, hobs and ranges in Worcestershire and south Birmingham. Making greasy, dirty ovens, sparkle again like new.
Kevin had a site that he’d launched early last year and wanted some SEO work carrying out. Having re-coded his site into CSS rather than it’s original table format making it easier to make future changes.

This is what Kevin had to say about my work.

“OvenMagic would like to thank Pippasweb for the continued support with the www.ovenmagic.me web site on keeping it at page One on google in the worcestershire area for all of 2010. Pippa has given me a better understanding of how seo works and i would without hesitation recommend pippas web service to any start up company looking for affordable seo. pippa has also up dated my web site with a super fast turn round time thank you pippa”

As Kevin said for most locations in his target area for the term “Oven Cleaning” he is on the 1st page of results and for “oven cleaning Worcester” as of Nov 2010 he actually occupied the No1# slot from over 53,000 results.

Customer: Kevin Kemp – OvenMagic.
Service: SEO and site Maintenance.
Site: www.ovenmagic.me

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Who is your site for?

When designing your website (whether you are doing it yourself or getting someone else to do it for you), it is important to consider who your site is for and what is it’s purpose.

I’m guessing the answer will be your site is to attract customers, but who are your customers, and what do they want.

For example are you selling to business to business, providing information that organisations, councils etc might want to read, or directly to the client. The style of the site could possibly reflect the content, for example if you’re providing something to help people relax, for example hypnotherapy etc then a calming style to your site. Sites do look good when kept simple and spacious, however you still need to ensure that all the relevant content is present. Google relies on content to help it decide your keywords and when to return your site in the results. Therefore the more information you put onto your site, will only help.
The balance you need to find is keeping the content user-friendly for the people reading your site and using the relevant keywords in the relevant places for search engines to find you too. Remember your site may look aesthetically pleasing but unless you have the information your users are looking for, or using keywords for search engines then it’s unlikely to be found by your potential buyers, site users.

To see how Pippasweb could help your business, check us out.

Happy Customer – Lucy Owen Catering Company

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but I’m still busy working on sites, SEO for others and of course my own site, as well as preparing to move house in the next two weeks, looking after the children……  Therefore the blog I’m afraid does tend to suffer.   I do try and keep my fan page updated every couple of days so if you need a short fix come check us out.

However I got a wonderful email last night, that helped me to see it is all worth it.  What I do, the site I create help other people and their businesses.

Let me introduce you to Lucy Owen Catering Company run by Debbie Saunders.

Lucy Owen Catering Company is a family run, home-based catering company in Hampshire.  Creating wonderful food using locally sourced produce where possible. So whatever your event; business, party, engagement, christening, baptism, wedding, civil ceremony or funeral they have a buffet menu for you.

We designed the website at the end of last year and due the company doing well Debbie needed to add additional menus onto to the site a few months later.

This is what Debbie has to say.

“Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you have given me. I have been singing your praises to anyone who has commented on the website. I’ve had nothing but complimentary things said about it.”

Customer: Debbie Saunders- Lucy Owen Catering Company.
Service: Original site design and additional pages.
Site: NO Longer live

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Happy Customer – Freelance Proofreader Claire Arnold BA (Hons)

I’ve not really added my own testimonials yet, tending to rely more on visual examples of my work than peoples’ responses. But this week I received a wonderful testimonial that I thought I should share with you.

In a world where my computer guesses what word I want to use and then tells me how to spell it, a whole host of arguments between me and my spell checker about the differences between spellings in the USA and the UK just add to my confusion.

Now let me introduce you to Claire Arnold BA (Hons), who is a Freelance Proofreader.
A proofreader is someone who will read your documents, your website; indeed, anything you write, including checking it for errors and, most importantly, give you the corrections. (Personally, I usually get my poor hubby to read my posts or pages before they go live to get him to pick up the worst, but he doesn’t have that much interest in what I’m writing.)
The documents can be essays or dissertation for students, company documents or advertising. Documents can be paper (hard copy), digital or even online. Even websites and blogs can corrected before going live.

I’ve been helping Claire make some small changes to her website to get it ready for customers and hopefully optimising it ready for Google to find and list it.

This is what Claire has to say.

“I recently employed Pippa’s services for help with my website. I was extremely happy with the professional, friendly service I received. She was always there with brilliant advice and suggestions, as well as making amendments to my site that greatly improved all aspects of my site. I would not hesitate to recommend her for her skills in web design, as well as fantastic customer service.”

If you’re interested in using Claire’s proofreading services, she has kindly made the following discounted offer:
*If you mention “pippasweb” when you contact Claire, you will receive 25% off.

Customer: Claire Arnold – Proofreader.
Service: Current Site – Update.
Site: http://www.proofreaderpro.moonfruit.com/

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Pippa is very generous with her time, not afraid of a challenge and knows her stuff.

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