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Adword Account Management

What is Google Adwords?

Have you ever noticed that the first three spots at the top of Google results pages and those down the right handside of the screen all have a little ad button beside them? Well this is because Google keeps these prime spots for paid for advertising or Adwords. You pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad (hence the other term of Pay per click or PPC). Our Adwords Management Service will help set up your adverts so you show only for profitable keywords to help get you the best return on your investment (ROI).

PPC Pricing

One-Time Account Setup. (Manage it yourself) Basic Adwords
£300 One Time Fee £ 125 Per Month
Full One-Time Account Setup Free PPC Account Setup
Extensive Keyword Research 1 Hour Per Week Management
Inclusion of Negative Keywords Basic End Of Month Reporting
Conversion Tracking Installed Google Analytics Setup
1-100 Keywords
Ideal For Businesses Serving a Local Area

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Please Note: Prices quoted above DO NOT include Google’s Pay Per Click costs.

You will have your own Google Adwords account from which you will need to pay Google directly for clicks – As part of our service we will help to set up daily/weekly budget for your keywords. We will invoice you purely for the management of your account.

What Does our Adword Account Management Involve:

Keyword Research: Keywords are what we call the words that people or your potential customers use in Google’s search engine.
Some keywords generate more traffic, others will bring more customers rather than browsers. Our service will help you select the most beneficial keywords for you and your business.

Negative Keywords: Adding negative keywords to your account prevents your advert being shown to unrelated or low profiting search terms. Our service aims to ensure your site is placed infront of the most relevant traffic for your site.

Bid Management: Every keyword has a price – a cost per click. But they are not fixed prices, you can bid on these keywords, the price bid influences, where the ad is positioned for that keyword. Our service will regularly assess your bid prices to maintain the best ad position to give you the maximum return on your investment (ROI). It is often the case that bids that open onto pages which have been optimised for the specific keyword can benefit from lower prices. Therefore we may advise you that some additional work to your site might be required.

Conversion Tracking: Being able to know your investment is making a difference is very important, but you may have different forms of marketing running at the same time. So tracking the responses help you to find out which works best for you and your business.

Local Targeting: Do you offer a service or product within a geographical area. We can tailor your ads to help you get your services more visible in your business service area or expand into new areas.

Contact us now or email Kevin on adwords@pippasweb.co.uk to discuss your site and how we can help you.