5 Day Website Post Challenge

Are you are like me? Do you get so caught up in thinking about the content for social media posts that you then forget to add a link to direct people to visit your website? Or do you think to yourself, “My site doesn’t change, so do I need to link to it?”

Then this challenge is for you.

We get told that the social media platforms all like us to stay on their platforms as much as possible.  So sometimes I forget I’m in the business of sending people to my business too. So I thought it was time for a little reminder about all the fab information available on your own website.

The Challenge:

The challenge runs for 5 days and starts 10th of May. The aim is to increase engagement and send interested people to your website. By following a prompt to create your own unique post, inspired by your website.  I’ll set up a post every morning to explain the days prompt – but if you want to prepare in advance the post is already here on the page for you.

The prompts:

You can interpret my prompt in any way you want and if it refers to something you don’t have (after all not everyone has a blog) Then you could may be talk about why you don’t have one or find something else related on your website. 

After you post it online, remember to share it in the group, to allow us all to see and interact with each other’s posts. 

There is no need to mention that you’re following my challenge (unless you want to) and you can post it on any social media platform, (although please remember, on Instagram, there are no clickable links, so you might need to get inventive with that one). 

5 day website post challenge Prompts

 If you want to get involved:

  1. Click on the link/button below and download the prompt post.  
  2. Make sure you’re a member of Pippas Web Spinners.
  3. Share the link with anyone who you think would be interested and invite them to join Pippas Web Spinners

I will be posting additional information into the group throughout the week too, so please check that you have your group notifications turned on. 

Why are we doing this?

Google likes to see people on your site, so the more people you can get interested to go on your website, the more notice Google will pay to your site and hopefully, it will give you a little boost in the search results.
To check how many visitors you get from this challenge you will need some form of analytics on your site – if you need help to set up Google Analytics on your website let me know.

Another reason to join in with a challenge like this is hopefully to get more engagement on your social media posts, the more who people join in, the more people will see your posts, so get inviting.

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  1. I’m really enjoying the challenge, I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my Google Analytics in just a few days so I will make much more effort from now on to drive traffic to my site. Thank you for creating the challenge.

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