3 Ways To Make Your Branding Stand Out – by Michelle Ramsay

Did you know a potential client needs to see your business 7 times before they start to remember you? So your job is to keep reminding them of who you are, what you do and what you sell or offer. One of the best ways to do this is through your branding.

Your branding should make you recognisable and your followers or potential clients should remember your logo.

But it doesn’t just stop with your logo. A lot of small businesses invest in a logo design for their business but then often forget to use it properly, or at all. Whenever your clients see something from you, whether that is your website, your social media, your business card or an advert, your branding should be the same throughout. Here I share with you my top 3 tips to make your branding stand out and create a great visual presence online and off.

1. Use Your Logo!

This may sound obvious but you’d be amazed at how many small businesses forget to use their logo! Usually they have it on their website and business card and think that is enough. The main area that lets a lot of people down is their social media. Maybe you have your logo as your main profile picture but what about the content you’re posting? It’s not always appropriate to use your logo on everything but make sure your feed has a peppering of posts which are on branded templates. This will help forge your business in people’s subconscious and makes your posts look professional.

2. Have a consistent colour story

Every business should have brand colours that are used on everything, from your premises, your website, your printed media and your digital content such as social media. As well as the colours in your logo, you should have a couple of accent colours which balance and harmonise, helping your logo and content to stand out. Use too many colours and it can be too confusing. Too little can look dull and flat. These colours should be used everywhere your business appears, reinforcing that visual presence again and again.

Company Mood Board by Michelle Ramsay Design
3 Ways to Make Your Branding Stand Out - by Michelle Ramsay Design
Help With Your Branding by Michelle Ramsay Design
Company Mood Board by Michelle Ramsay Design
3 Ways to Make Your Branding Stand Out - by Michelle Ramsay Design
Help With Your Branding by Michelle Ramsay Design
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3. Use consistent fonts

Like your colour story, your branding should use a consistent bank of fonts. The text you use on your social media graphics should look the same as the text you use on your website. Your adverts or flyers should look similar to your business card etc. It’s best to use fonts that balance with your logo or where appropriate, use your logo fonts and a couple of others.

Sending this consistent visual message in everything you do will help your business look professional, polished and more importantly, memorable.

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