What software to use to create your online shop?

Generally speaking, I use Woo-commerce for the shops I create on WordPress. It’s a plugin, that can create the whole store and additional pages (like account, cart, etc. as part of the set up) and but this isn’t the only option for selling online. What software options are available to create your online shop? Check your options and find one that suits you.

Online Shop Building Options


Shop Plugins: There are a number of different shops creating plugins you can use. They work in slightly different ways some have more settings you can change than others. But it really is down to your business.
Some things you may want to consider does the plugin use the payment gateway you want. Does it work with the Theme you choose? Are there any additional charges. For example one of the plugins mentioned in the blog below on wpbeginner.com Shopify. Shopify is a platform / online shop site in its own right, with its own hosting payment to be made – the plugin just allows you a way to join your WordPress site to the Shopify site.

Paypal buttons – if you only have one or two items for sale (or just want to make your life harder for yourself) you could use Paypal generated buttons which are created from within your PayPal account. You can choose an add to cart button or buy it now. Use the Button factory to create the buttons and then add the code into a custom HTML box on the website.

Alternative to WordPress

WordPress is great but it’s not the only platform for creating sites or more specifically online shops.
There are a lot of alternatives to consider. Some might be more technical to set up others.

Whatever platform or site you chose to use you need to check the pricing – are there additional extras you need? Do you need extra hosting/domain or an SSL (secure socket layer)?

You can even sell straight from Facebook. But whatever platform you need to ensure you have your policies in place and on show.
Privacy policy – what data you’re going to hold and who you’re going to share it with.
Delivery / Returns / Refunds policy
Terms and conditions for using site & Cookie policy.

In conclusion

There are plenty of options to help you create your online shop. Not all will work for everyone. If you’re wanting to create your own site look for trials or on WordPress just install it and try it out. Check out reviews from other users (not just the ones on the website check on Google, Facebook, etc. see what people are saying about the company /software and support). Failing that speak to a website designer see what they suggest for you.

Leave me a comment with any other e-commerce site you have used or heard about.


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