Who Is Your Super Customer

It’s goals and planning month on Pippas Web. Last week, I talked about reviewing your business and setting goals for the year ahead.  So now we need to think about how we can achieve those goals.
I’m assuming at some point you’re wanting to sell your goods or services to others. So you need to tell people what it is you do and the best way to do that is to talk to your Super Customer.

Do you know Who is your Super Customer? If not hopefully by the end of this post you will.

 What is a Super Customer?

 A super customer is your most ideal client. This will vary depending on your business, but start by thinking in terms of:

  •   how much they spend?
  • what do they buy from you?
  •  how often? 
  •  how much they interact with you?

Thinking of your marketing you could create hundreds of customer profiles and make ads directed to each one. I’m going to assume like me, you simply don’t have an unlimited amount of time or money to throw around trying to make your business fit everyone. So by identifying your Super Customer means you can hopefully find them quicker, build relationships with them, get those sales and meet those goals you set.

Where to begin

Start with some paper and a pen (or download the worksheet link at the bottom of the article) and write notes about them. Add personal information to this character. Create a person or avatar on paper that represents your Super Customer. Make it so clear in your mind, that you can close your eyes and see them standing in front of you.

Consider, things like their name, age location, who do they live with? If they have children how old are they? are they married? what do they do for a job?

 Drawn, download or get a photo of your ideal customer the visual will help you to connect with this customer….

 But I hear you cry – “I can sell my product to anyone“. This isn’t about who you WILL SELL TOO it’s about who you WILL MARKET TO, Why waste your time directing your posts at someone who will only ever buy once, if at all? Or who thinks your handmade goods are too expensive and doesn’t value you.
Your Super Customer is someone who loves you, your products or service and what you stand for. And they will recommend you to their friends.
They may not be ready to buy the instant they see your first post, but it’s about building a relationship with them. Getting them to like your page, sign up for a newsletter, so that you can keep your business in a prime place in their mind when they’re ready to buy.

Find their pain point or problems

 So going back to your Super Customer think about their daily routine, where they go? what problems, issues,  pains or fears do they have? Are there any that your business might be able to help them with? (hint, hint).

 In your posts target something that your super customer can relate to. Find their pain point – the thing they really struggle with and then provide the solution

  For example,  say your Super Customer is busy 35-year-old, mum – Sarah, who likes to be having fun with her two young children while trying to grow her business. She worries about not having enough hours in the day, or the housework not being done, not having time for a social life Etc.

 If you are a cleaner, you could tell her about freeing up her time by cleaning the house for her, clean safe environment for her kids  – (My kids seem to think it’s the cleaning fairy” that does it –  although she seems to have missed my house of her list recently, haha).

 Or alternatively, if you sell aromatherapy oils or massages you could talk about how lemon oil is uplifting and refreshing or bergamot in energising, to help increase her energy to help her to tackle everything head-on.

 Think about your choice of wording and about how you describe them? Is it how they would describe themselves, for example, there’s a difference between being a crazy old cat lady and a cat lover?

 Finally, you need to work out where they hang out both online and offline.

 After all, this is where you want to be to get your message under their noses.

 Do they hang out in a user’s forum or Facebook group? Do they use specific shops you could perhaps work with? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn or are they someone who doesn’t use social media (yes there’s still a few out there?). If so you’ll need to think of alternative ways to reach them.

 Using Paid Adverts:

 If you use paid adverts on Social media choose adverts not to simply boost a message.

 Facebook boosts will just show your post to a selection of people with little or no focus. So, men, women, young old, sporty, spiritual …..

 So armed with your knowledge of your super customer shall we say, 35yrs old, Mark, a father interested in playing sport, runs his own business.

 Maybe Mark likes one of your competitor’s page on Facebook. And is a member of the local noticeboard group, follows the local Football or Rugby team.

 You can add this info into your ad specifications, which then means, you’re not spending your money on putting your post in front of people, who are probably not at all interested in your services at all, and gets you in front of people who may be interested.

Write for your Super Customer

 Write your posts and website specifically targeted at your super customer.

  • Would they understand it?
  • Would they resonate with it?
  • Did you find their pain point?

“People buy solutions not products.”

Seems to be a popular marketing tagline.
 Some final tips

 Make it clear to them, why they should choose you and not a competitors “solution” your Unique Sales Point (USP).

 Not every post should be a sales pitch.

 People also buy from people, so tell them about you – not just your solution,

build that relationship with them, they may not be ready just yet to by but your job it them about keeping you in mind in the future.

 So in conclusion

 I have talked about what is a Super Customer, How much detail you need to go – when describing them and how knowing your Super Customer can help you to create more focused posts to attract them to your business.

 If you have any problems with your Super Customer feel free to message me

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