What Do I Do With My New Website?

What should I do with my new website?
What should I do with my new website?

You have a new site, it’s listed in Google but it’s not drawing in as much business as you’d hoped. Well this is where Search Engine Optimisation comes into play. When I designed / created your site, I tried to optimise your site as much as possible for your most relevant keywords, so Google and the other search engine know what your site is about. I also added a few links to your site enough to get you listed in Google, but to improve you place in the search results you need more links. Google sees a link to a site as a vote. However not all votes are equal.

Good Links / votes

One way (no reciprocal link back to them on your site)
Dofollow (if the link is set as a nofollow site then the link doesn’t allow the search engines to follow the link or share the page rank.
Page rank (google ranks pages 0-10) depending on the number links, hits and other things. This is only updated a few times a year, the higher the page rank of the page your link is on the more sway it has with Google

Google keeps it’s formula very secret so NO-ONE knows for certain how to get to the number 1# slot every time, however there are a lot of companies out there that will tell you they can.

There are white hat techniques and black hat techniques (frowned on upon by Google), each company will have different approach depending on what they have found that works and the resources that they can throw at it.

SEO is something that anyone can do, but does take a little time to read about and learn different skills. If you have time to do it yourself then great, but if you would like some help then allow me to offer my services.

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