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New Year Resolutions 2011

I have been promising to do more work on this blog and now seems as good a time to get going on it.
My New Year Resolution is to post at least two posts a week, on Monday and Friday.

My plan is to try start at the beginning and give info for small businesses, the first post has already been posted today about 5 things to consider when naming your business.

The posts will include:

  • tips for small businesses and how to set one up.
  • Web design information and tips
  • SEO things you can do to help your own site.

This blog is here to empower you, so whether you use it to develop your own website, or just to give yourself an understanding before employing someone, (after all you have your own business to run too).

I will also post onto the blog in between if I can with, but I have to be realistic with my time.  My kids come first, clients sites second and then my own site and blog.

So don’t miss out, subscribe to the blog using the options on the right and receive the posts directly to your inbox, or blog reader.

What are your business New Year Resolutions?  Why not share them here.

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