I Just Want A Basic Website

What does a basic website involve?

So you’ve decided you want a website, a “basic Website” but what does that mean?

To me a basic web design includes the following

Home page – This sets the scene for the whole website, it should explain what the site is about, briefly  the services you provide.  The home page is likely to be the first page a potential customer says, they need to see personality, link it to different areas of website but make sure it’s clear for people new to your site to find what they are looking for, your services, your prices if appropriate etc.

About Us page – This is where you add information about when the company was formed , who is involved.  if there’s just you then tell your customer about you and how come you do what you do. If qualifications are required for what you do, you could list them here.

Services or Products Page – Why does you potential client need your service? what do you offer?  Do you offer anything different to anyone else?  If you offer more than one service consider adding each service to a different page.  This will make it easier for SEO purposes later if you only have to focus on one topic per page.
A big question is “should I advertise my prices?”  There are several ways to consider this question.

  • Show Prices – it could deter time wasters, if they know how much they don’t need to contact you, this leaves you time to deal with those that really want to use your services and are happy to pay what you’re asking.
  • Don’t show – You are giving your competitors information that they can use to under cut your prices, Your prices may initially appear too high to the untrained customer, which make them turn away from you.  Or appear too cheap to be real.

Contact page – This is an important page as it is the basis of communication between you and your customers.  If you’re selling things from your website you need to add a physical address to your website.  Adding addresses and phone numbers will help build trust between your potential customer and yourself, showing that you’re real, and that you can be contactable if they want to.
Give people an option of how they contact you.  Some people prefer to speak in person in the phone as first contact, other would prefer to write an email or fill in a contact form.

So with all this to consider what makes it Basic?

To me a basic website, consists of:

  • mainly text and images.
  • no added extras, like shopping basket, booking diaries,
  • anything that needs adding and extra coding,

But then if you know nothing about how to create a websites and where to start, nothing is really “basic” is it?




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