How to End Your Domain Name And does It Matter?

So you’ve picked your company name, decided on your domain name, and gone to buy your domain name, through a company like 123-reg or godaddy. Then you realise you’ve got lots of options to choose from. All domain names end with a (dot)and a series of letter i.e. .com, or .biz.

Domain name endings.
In 1985 the domain name system was started with just 7 original endings, .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .net. org and .arpa. Now there are many more with new ones regualrly being added to cope with rapidly expanding Internet.
But what do the different letter combinations mean.

.com Commercial is by the the most common option although is traditionally for American based businesses. this is the UK’s own commercial

.edu for education sites

.gov for governmental sites

.mil military.

.net networks

.org organisations

.me personal sites

.tv was originally the extension for Tuvalu but now can be used for entertainment and fansite.

.co the Columbian code is .co but now .co can be used by anyone,

.info information websites

.biz an alternative ending for businesses.

Each country also has it’s own letters which can be offered by providers, added to a number of the above, i.e., or

So which one should you choose?

From an SEO point of view it really makes no difference. It’s your on page optimisation and back links that really make or break a site.

However that said in the UK, there is an expectation that UK based companies will use domain name.

Do you need to buy all the domain variations?

Well buying them all will stop anyone else using that name, but will also set you back a lot of money. Personally I would advise if you’re UK based and serve the UK stick with a if you’re a global company, you might want to go for .com However if someone the other end of the country to you has the version of your preferred domain but the .biz or .net or even .me version is still available there is nothing to stop you choosing that.

So if you have your own domain, what extension / ending did you go with, and what made you choose that?

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