Don’t Sell Yourself Short – You ARE Clever.

Last night, I was making some changes to the Cricket Club website ready for the new season, when my husband turned and said what to him was a heartfelt comment,

“You are clever, aren’t you”

I took it almost as a throw away comment because to me, I don’t feel clever, I think what I do, everyone could do, so what make me special.

• I’ve taught myself HTML and CSS,
• I’m learning, developing and using SEO skills,
• I run my own business.

Yet I still don’t think of myself as clever????? Time for a change of mind set I think.

Then I got thinking about it and I realised that I and probably many others are just selling ourselves short. Our interests and skills are OURS, we learned them, we put the effort in, something’s are easier than others to learn or do. However something’s are harder for other people but they still do it.

As part of learning, developing and your SEO campaign you’ll be busy reading blogs, articles and websites from people in your area of expertise. This can have a two-fold effect

It can help you learn new things, give you new ideas,


it can make you think all these people know so much more than me.

Don’t let yourself worry about or get upset about the second one. Remember that chances are the person behind the blog your reading has been working in this area a lot longer than you. But behind the blog, the article is a real person, just like you.

For your own blog, it’s your personality as well as your knowledge that people are interested in, try to put something of you into everything you do, it’ll give you more personal satisfaction, and make it more interesting for you readers.

Value Your own judgement, Your knowledge. Use others as a source of knowledge, a source of authority for your link building, but Not Gods, they’re real people using their knowledge and experience to their advantage so go forth and do the same.

I’ve told you why I’m clever, so now it’s over to you.  Please leave a comment below to tell me and everyone else,  what you do that is clever too.

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