Pippas Web 1st Birthday

Wow it’s now been just over a year since Pippas Web first paying customer. I’m so happy, I couldn’t have had a better start to running my own business.

A quick round up.

1) Customers came with ideas and I made them into reality, into real sites that have helped them to generate more business.

2) Customers we’re so impressed they told their friends, and a lot of business has come recently from referrals

3) I have increased my services from just web design to include regional SEO and even more recently hosting for the sites created using flash-based technology.

Things are now slowing down for Christmas, although I do have some work lined up for early in the new year, so no time to relax. It also gives me time to stop and re-focus my efforts for the Pippas Web site, plan the blogs I want to do, that I never got around to this year.

I would like to thank, everyone that’s been involved with Pippas Web during this last year, and Wish that 2011, is a prosperous time for us all.

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