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The Advantages of Professional Web Design vs Doing it Yourself

OK so you’ve decided that your business needs a website.  Congratulations!
You’ve probably got ideas running through your head about what you want to go on YOUR site, but the next choice is, who will create your site?
The two options
1) Hire someone to create your site.
2) Do it yourself.

OK firstly lets look at the idea of you creating your site.

There are many sites out there, that can help you to build without the need for learning any code, for example, http://www.doyourownsite.co.uk/ or http://www.webs.com/ or http://www.moonfruit.com/ .
Building your own site will Save you Money, and it will give you a great sense of achievement watching your site appear before you. However, depending on how you decide to create your site, you will need to learn about how to design a site, and then how to promote it afterwards, in order to make it work for you.  A big positive is You can use your own ideas. You don’t have to try and explain to a web designer, how you want your site to look like.

Choosing a designer has its advantages.

You may have your ideas about what you want on the site and how you want it to look, but the designer has more experience about what does and doesn’t work.  It sounds strange but just choosing a different site colour and logo could stop someone from leaving your site immediately, a designer can help with this.
Getting professional help may include SEO (search engine optimisation) preparing your site ready for Google and the other search engines to help get a better ranking.  You can do this yourself, and my facebook page and this blog will offer ideas of you can, however it can be very time consuming so do you have the time?

OK so a designer will cost you money, and that amount may vary depending on who you get to do it.  As with anything else I suggest you get some quotes.  If you’re a new start up company or a sole trader then you budget is likely to be tight, (This is where Pippas Web comes in).  So the cheaper option of doing it yourself may appeal, but weigh this up against the time it will take you, to learn to do and to promote your site. This is all time that may we be better spent  doing what you know best, running your business, and let the designers do what they do.



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