What is a blog?

A blog is the the common term for a web-log or an online journal, documenting events, thoughts, theories or news. Blogs are usually written by one person about one thing, although this is not always the case. There are so many different blogs each with their own layouts, style of writing and features. Although most will have some key features in common.

Archive; The front page of the blog will hold the latest few entries and older ones are listed in the archives. Usually in date order.
Comments box; after an entry on a blog, there is usually a comments box. It allows the people who read your blog to comment on what you have just written, so that the blog can become interactive and not just a one way preach.
Some way for people to be updated when new blogs are posted: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. In essence they are files that tell specific website software that a website or blog has updated it’s content, without the need to visit the site. This file can be picked up by various software, Google.com offers users Google reader or even the ability to add boxes of different blog updates on your home page iGoogle. Windows live mail also has a feed reader.
The aim of a blog will depend on if it’s a personal one, or if it’s a corporate one. A blog for a company could help encourage readers to become customers. Discussing your products or services on the blog is another form of advertising. As well as Pippas web blog were you can find out more about the tax refund that would cost you money, I also try and update a more personal blog, looking at my family life.
What is Microblogging?
Microblogging is part of the social networking culture currently leading the way on the web. Sites like facebook and twitter ask their users to write short statements about what they’re doing, thinking about, or reading. In effect a short blog shared with friends or followers. Facebook gives you an almost unlimited space to type, but Twitter the status is limited to 140 characters.
In my personal experience facebook is more for finding people you already know and leaving messages for them, twitter is more about finding people who you may or may not know in the real world but that you share an interest with. For example people who write about the type of work you do, or others Mums.